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How to Transfer NEO from Bittrex to NEO wallet

Guys, I have been holding NEO from the time it was known as ANTShares. They have now rebranded themselves to NEO.

And I have to admit that I was too lazy to send my NEO coins to the NEO wallet.

Now, I should have done this a long back but I do not know why I never cared.

Not that I did not try, but I was not getting any proper guide to transfer NEO from BITTREX to the NEO wallet. Plus, I did not want to get scammed by downloading a fake NEO wallet from Github or any other source.

Coming back to the point, just two days back, I transferred 80 percent of my NEO coins from the exchange (read BITTREX) to my NEO wallet.

I am now thrilled to see my NEO wallet generating free GAS every day.

Hence, I thought to write this guide for you.

If you are like me and you hold NEO in your BITTREX account, you should shift your coins immediately to the official NEO wallet and this guide should help you do that.

If you are still lazy, let me give you some reasons why you should move your coins from BITTREX to NEO wallet.

In case, you do not hold any NEO coin, here is a guide that will help you buy NEO coins from Bittrex: Read NOW

Why should you move your NEO from Bittrex to NEO wallet?

  1. Security – Security is the most important reason you should shift all your NEO coins to a wallet or a cold storage (with no access to internet). It can be a hardware wallet or the official NEO wallet.
  2. GAS – Not sure what GAS is? And how are NEO and GAS related? I will explain it some other time. However, for now, just know that if you keep your NEO coins in the official NEO wallet, it will generate free GAS for you.

Just a month back, the price of each GAS was very less (not even a dollar). And now, as I write, it is priced at 33.84 USD. You can check the current price by clicking here.

The price of GAS blooming to 33 USD is one of the reasons why I shifted my NEO to the official NEO wallet.

It already generated 0.087 GAS for me.

I should have done this a long back, but as said, it is always better to be late than never.

I strongly recommend you to do it now. It will not take you more than 3 minutes.

Now, let’s discuss, how you can transfer your NEO from Bittrex exchange to the official wallet.

How to transfer NEO from Bittrex to the official NEO wallet? Step by Step GUIDE

  1. Go to and download the NEON wallet (Bottom RIGHT). Note down the private key. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM ANYWHERE ELSE. YOU MAY GET SCAMMED.

2. When you click on it, it will direct you to a GITHUB page –

3. Scroll down to Downloads and download the setup (based on your OS):

a. Download NEO setup for Windows

b. Download NEO setup for Mac.

c. Download NEO setup for Linux.

4. Now once that is downloaded, click run it. It will look something like this:

5. Click on the NEW wallet. As soon as you do that, it will show you your private key and a public key.

6. Note down the private key. Take a screenshot and print the screen on a paper and do not save it on your desktop.

7. Make 2-3 copies of the paper and store them in different places so that you do not lose it.

8. Now, copy the public address. Go to Bittrex and send NEO to your new public address (i.e. the public address of your NEO wallet). While sending, please keep in mind that if you want to send 50 NEO, Send 50.1 (0.1 is the transaction fee, at present). It may change. So keep an eye on the transaction fee. Just make sure the amount of NEO you get in your wallet should be a natural number.

About NEO wallet:

Developer: City of Zion

Supporting Languages: English

Supporting OS: OSX/Windows/Linux

What would happen if you send 50 NEO coins to your wallet?

You will only receive 49 coins in your wallet. 0.1 NEO would be deducted as a transactional fee. Remaining 0.9 NEO would be lost and you will never get back this lost NEO.

Congratulations! You now have NEO coins in your wallet. It will not start generating free GAS for you. Enjoy!

FAQs: NEON Wallet related Queries

Question 1: Can I log out from my NEO wallet?

Yes. it is advised to log out from the NEON wallet once the transfer is complete.

Question 2: How can I log in to my NEO wallet again?

Just enter your private key and you will be able to login in no time. So, be very cautious. Do not lose your private key. If by any chance you lose it, you will never get back your lost NEO coins. Never.

Question 3: If I log out from the NEON wallet, will it keep generating GAS for me?

Yes. It will still generate GAS for you. Just log out and relax.

Question 4: How much time does it take for NEO to appear on my wallet?

For me, it took me less than a minute. However, it may take some time. So, please be patient. If you have done everything correctly, NEO will appear in your wallet.

Question 5: What if I lose my laptop, will I be able to get hold of my NEO coins?

Yes, only if you have your private key. So, keep it safe.

Question 6: I am not able to login to my NEO wallet. Can anyone help?

Are you sure what you are entering is correct? Please double check that it is not your public key that you are entering. You need to enter your private key to be able to login to your NEO wallet. Otherwise, I do not see why you would not be able to login to the NEON wallet.

Question 7: My NEON wallet for MAC won’t open. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

Are you trying to log in via your finder? If yes, uninstall and reinstall it. And then restart the computer. This should help.

Would you be interested in knowing how much GAS can your NEO coins generate?

How many GAS can my NEO coins generate?

Okay, let’s do some quick maths.

1 NEO takes 20 years to generate 1 GAS.

So if you hold 1000 NEO, it will take 20 years to generate 1000 GAS. Or, in other words, you will be generating 50 GAS every year.

If the price of 1 GAS is 33 USD, just imagine the price of each GAS to be after 1 year.

Even if the cost of 1 GAS touches 100 USD, you will be making 100*50= 5000USD every year for free. Just like dividends. Cool, no? Hurry up, and transfer your NEO to the NEO wallet now and keep claiming free GAS.

What is the best strategy to make money with Cryptocurrency without losing your job?

When you are into a job, do not get high on crypto currency. Remember, your job is the first priority and checking prices of the coins every now and then can adversely affect your productivity.

So, should you forget about crypto currency?

How to buy Binance (BNB) coins from India?

To buy BNB coins in India, you will need to first add some BTC and buy BNB coins in exchange. As of now you can’t buy BNB from anywhere else expect the official Binance website.

In case you are just getting started, you will need to buy Bitcoins from Zebpay. (Here is the signup URL). You will need to verify your details and it may take some time to activate your account.

In the mean time, head over to the official website of Binance and create an account with them. It will not take you more than 2 minutes. Once you sign up with them, you will get an activation link in your mail box. Go to your inbox and activate it. Do not forget to see the other folders if in case you fail to find it in your primary mailbox.

Before reading further, make sure to tap your back. Tap Tap. You have successfully registered your account with Binance and you can now buy BNB coins.

However, before you do that, let’s talk some security. It is time to enable the Google 2F authentication so that no one gets access to your account easily.

Caution: While setting up the 2F A, make sure you keep the 2FA backup code in a safe place. This would come handy if you lose your phone.

Note: If you are not from China, you will not be able to verify your phone number. So, from the security perspective, it is very important that you enable the Google 2F authentication.

Okay, now if your Zebpay account is activated, it is time to buy some Bitcoins. Read the detailed guide here – How to buy Bitcoins from Zebpay

After purchasing Bitcoins, it is time to transfer your BTC to your Binance account. Even if you have some BTC in your Poloniex account, withdraw it and add the BTC address of Binance.

Where can you find the BTC address on Binance? Check the image below.

If you have done the above steps properly, you should now have BTC in your Binance account. Hurrah! One more step and you will have BNB coins in your Binance account.

How to buy BNB coins from Binance?

You can trade BNB with BTC, ETH, NEO, QTUM, GAS, BTM.

Go to the trade section>>

Enter the amount.

It will automatically show you the maximum amount of BNB coins you can buy.

Hit the buy button.

Tada, you are done.

Note: Do not just transfer any other coins directly to Binance with the hope that you will be able to buy BNB by exchanging the coin directly on the website. No, you can’t. You will just be able to buy BNB or any other alt coins on Binance in exchange of the above mentioned coins only.

Now head over to your Blockfolio profile and update it by adding your BNB coins. Go to sleep.

P.S. Should you buy BNB coins? I will add my views tomorrow. In the meantime, go through this REDDIT thread.

How to buy NEO from Bittrex?

NEO (previously knows as Ant Shares) is on the rise and people are looking to invest some money in NEO can do so by opening an account with Bittrex. As of now, NEO is not available in Poloneix exchange. Bittrex supports all countries. Currently, Bittrex ranks 5th in the list of best Bitcoin exchanges.

How to open an account with Bittrex?

Go to and signup with them.

Verify your details.

It takes hardly few minutes. This is something really good about Bittrex.You will need to upload your passport to get verified.

You will also require verifying your phone.

I recommend you to enable 2FA to keep your accounts secure. While enabling the 2FA, please make sure to note the backup key and keep it in a secured place.

Even if you lose your smartphone, you will be able to login to your account if you have access to your backup key.

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies like FCT and XRP from Poloniex

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can trade one cryptocurrency with another. For example, if you want to invest in Factom, you will not be able to buy them directly. What you will need to do is to buy Bitcoins from Pocketbits or Zebpay. Transfer the Bitcoins to your Poloneix account. If you do not have any Poloneix account, you can sign up now. To buy any other cryptocurrencies, you will have to trade with your Bitcoins.

How to buy Ethereum in India?

Well, I understand the pain you are having. With so much information here and there, it is very difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. Do not worry, BharataFinance is the one-stop solution for all your queries.

Today, I would be answering how you can buy Ethereum in India. But before that, I suggest you create accounts with all these websites – See here

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