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Month: May 2017

Which are the best stocks to Invest in 2017 – Top 50 Stocks

I have written a couple of answers on Quora on how to choose the best stocks in 2017 which you can read more about it here – Link 1.

A week back, when I was doing a research on finding some new stocks, I found some really interesting names that can get you some good money in short term and long term.

Most probably, you may not have heard about these stocks but their performance have been really great in the past and have been giving good results lately.

Disclaimer: I am not a stock market specialist. I do my own research and I am sharing with you for education purpose only. Do not take them as investment advice.

Before investing, make sure to consult an expert.

So shall we begin? Before I tell you the best stocks to invest in 2017, let me tell you how I did the research.

top shares to buy in 2017

I had purchased Hatsun Agro some times back, and it has given me a good return since then. Hence, I decided to study the chart and the properties. I found Hatsun Agro to have high P/E ratio. For those who do not know what PE ratio is, it is Profit to Earning ratio. It is calculated by dividing the current price by profit per share.

Is high P/E ratio considered a good factor?

Now high P/E ratio signifies that the company has good chances of growth in future. So more and more investor are ready to pay higher amount as they know that the company has a lot of potential to make it big. However, when there is break seen in the profit, the chances of the share dropping significantly from the current level is high.

So who invests in high P/E stocks?

Companies/Individuals who are more growth oriented invest in companies with high P/E ratio. They are also known as growth investors. Individuals who invests in low P/E stocks are called value investors. Compared to high P/E stocks, the risk is much lower in less P/E stocks. I belong to the former category. Hence in this article, I will
be sharing the stocks with high P/E ratio which I think has a good potential to give better returns in short amount of time.

Best Stocks to invest in 2017

My Personal Favorite Stocks

Subros (Auto Ancillaries)

Subros Share price


Escorts share

Hatsun Agro

Hatson agro share price

Best Auto Ancillaries Stocks to Invest in 2017

Sundaram-Clayton Limited

Sundaram Clayton share price

Motherson Sumi

motherson sumi share price

Federal-Mogul Goetze

Federal Mogul share price

Suprajit engineering share price

Suprajit Engineering share cost

Minda Industries

Minda Industries share price

Rane Madras

Rane madras Share price

Lumax Industries

Lumax Industries share price


Exide share price history

Best Auto Stocks to Invest in 2017

TVS Motors

TVS motors share

Maharashtra Scooters

Maharashtra scooters share price

Maruti Suzuki India

Maruti suzuki share price

Best Bank Stocks to Invest in 2017


SBI share price

RBL Bank

RBL bank share

Kotak Mahindra

Kotak mahindra Share

Axis Bank

Axis bank share price

Oriental Bank

oriental bank

Best Stocks from Cable Industries to invest in 2017

Cords Cable Ind

Cords cable share price

KEI Industries

KEI Share price

Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Industries share price history

Finolex Cables share price

Finolex Cables share price

Mahindra CIE

Mahindra CIE share price

These are the top 25 shares which are worth investing your time and money in. Interested investors who would like to know about the complete list of 50 best shares, please subscribe below.

5 Important Things You Need To Know About SIP

SIP or Systematic Investment Plans is one of the most preferred investments options in the present scenario as it involves periodic investment and thus less cost is incurred at one time. It is also an investment with best returns as it is a Mutual Fund type investment. But before investing in SIP there are few things that you must necessarily know.

5 Important Things To Know About SIP

SIP Helps In Making A Disciplined Investment

SIP is an investment plan that helps in instilling discipline in an investor. An investor makes the investment from the basic salary enabling regular savings and a periodic investment. SIP can be of many types like equity funds, balanced funds or debt funds. Thus it helps is proper asset allocation periodically ensuring returns as well as savings. The longer an investor invests in SIP, the better is the return as it is a compounded amount.

The Returns Varies As The Market is Volatile

You have to make periodic investment once you have started a Systematic Investment Plan. Now, from time to time the market rate varies. This means that the cumulative return varies according to the market rate. Also, for different types of SIP like equity, debt, etc the return rates are different.

Management of Funds Invested In SIP

Since SIP is a well-disciplined type of investment, management of funds is often taken lightly. But regular reviewing of your investment and market policy is required for successfully ensuring good returns. In case if an anomaly arises in case the investment tenure, it is a flexible type of investment. Thus the investor must immediately change the type of investment and the periodic amount invested.

Claim Your Returns Before Your Aimed Tenure

Systematic Investment Plan is a type of investment which falls under the category of mutual funds. Thus after making regular investments for a little more than half the tenure you are actually aiming at, review the market scenario. If the market rates are good, claim your returns immediately. Similarly, if there is a fall in market rates keep regular checks and withdraw the returns as soon as the rate rises. In any case, it is better to aim at claiming your funds before the tenure that you have in mind as the market is volatile.

Keep Continuously Investing in SIP for a Longer Duration

You may have invested in SIP for a short tenure and noticed that the market rates are suddenly very high. Do not withdraw your return immediately. The market is highly unpredictable and the rates keep rising at times. Thus the market will again correct itself in future. Stopping your investment will be limiting your funds. Instead, go for a longer duration which will ensure the given two things:

  • Irrespective of market rates, Systematic Investment Plan generates a profit over a longer tenure.
  • The market rates when higher after a longer tenure will give better returns.